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Japanese auto auctions originated in 1967, when they were first held by Toyota Used Car Sales, and have been held for more than 50 years to redistribute the excess backlog of vehicles from car dealers to the market. Japanese auto auctions are membership-based wholesale used car markets open to the country's auto dealers as well as traders, and there are currently about 100 auto auctions across Japan, offering more than 200,000 vehicles for auction each week. The reason why car auctions are so popular in the market is that each car to be auctioned is inspected and graded in detail by professionals at the car auction house, and the inspection report of the relevant vehicle is provided to the buyer. With the detailed information in the inspection report, buyers can avoid the risk of purchasing a car due to opaque information about the vehicle.

Detailed Report

All vehicles to be auctioned are inspected and rated by experts. With the detailed information of inspection reports, you can avoid the risk of buying a car due to opaque information.

Variety of vehicle choices

Large auction volumes give you a good chance to find the perfect car for you. Auction cars range from retro to brand new, from low budget to high-end and, from simple to fully loaded models.

Preferential price

Vehicles sold at auctions are more affordable than those sold by Japanese car dealers because there are many additional costs involved in maintaining inventory.