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A proforma invoice is an estimated invoice, or quote, issued by KINEX. This document contains the type and quantity of each vehicle ordered, their value, and other information.
After receiving this document, you will need to pay the price quoted on this invoice so shipment procedure can start.
We only accept payment by telegraphic transfer to our designated bank account from your bank.
We only accept payment in Japanese Yen or US Dollars.
We don’t accept cancellations. This means we won’t refund any payment that cars has already been shipped.
Please allow at least 3 business days for transfers to be reflected in our account.
It is the buyer's responsibility to cover all bank fees. Please contact your bank to verify the exact amount.
Your vehicle(s) will be shipped via container or by RO/RO vessel.
・Consignee name - name of importer legally allowed to receive the vehicle.
・Notify party - name and contact details of the person who should be notified of the arrival of the cargo, and could be the actual buyer or receiver of the vehicle, clearing and forwarding agent, or dealer.
・DHL address - is the address where all documents (B/L, Export Certificate and Inspection Certificate) will be sent.
Some countries require pre-shipping inspections.
To be sure, please contact your local government office to confirm if any pre-shipment inspections are required.
This depends on the shipping schedule. We will always ship your car on the earliest available vessel.
・Australia: 2-3 weeks
・East Africa: 3-4 weeks
・West Africa: 5-6 weeks
・South America: 4-5 weeks
・North America: 2-5 weeks
・Southeast Asia: 1-2 weeks
・Caribbean Islands: 5 weeks
・Indian subcontinent and Persian Gulf: 2-3 weeks
Yes. Some changes may occur in the shipping schedule as decided by the shipping company for various reasons. These may include weather issues, technical issues, etc., all of which are beyond KINEX’s control.
After your vehicle has been shipped we will provide the following to you:

・Bill of Lading
・Export certificate

Other documents pertaining to your country.
Shipping companies do not allow anything to be shipped inside the vehicles unless they are shipped by container.
If a spare key comes with the car being sold, we will make sure you receive this. If there is no spare key with the car, the customer will be responsible for making copies.
We can ship to any country in the world that accepts used cars from Japan.
KINEX can supply a wide variety of vehicles, such as cars, buses, Trucks.